Objective: Teams will create an outreach activity that can be used in a formal (classroom) or informal (non-classroom) setting.

Subteam Size Per Entry:  6
Maximum Entries Per Team:  1

A. We will provide:

  1. None provided.

B. Teams can provide:

  1. Any materials that demonstrate the outreach activity.

C. Details:

  1. Teams will develop an outreach activity that can be used in a classroom or in an informal setting that demonstrates optical or photonic phenomena. Informal settings are places like museums, science centers, malls, fairs, or other outreach events.
  2. Teams will have the full setup available and will demonstrate their activity. They will have 15 minutes to present the activity to a panel of event supervisors.
  3. Team may bring along handouts for the event supervisors.


The following aspects will be used in the determination of the ranking of teams.  Higher Scores are given more favorable rank.  Highest Score Wins.

A team of three reviewers will evaluate teams based on the following criteria.  The scoring rubric for each of the three reviewers will be added together for a total score.

  • Demonstrates an optics concept or phenomena in an easy to understand way.
  • Designed to be easily replicated or packaged it for distribution.
  • Developed using a creative or original approach.
  • States the age/grade level and activity is appropriate for the stated age level.
  • Includes handouts or directions.
  • Explanation of optics concepts are accurate.
  • Is engaging for the audience.