Objective:  Teams will be presented with either an open-ended or close-ended experiment to conduct.  Open ended experiments will include a list of materials that can be used in which teams can develop an experiment to present analysis and a conclusion.  In a close-ended experiment, teams will be provided a set of procedures to be followed or a goal that has to be achieved.

Subteam Size Per Entry:  3
Maximum Entries Per Team:  2

A. We will provide:

  1. Equipment needed to conduct the experiment

B. Teams can provide:

  1. Laptop with software for graphing, recording data and writing up the report.
  2. Calculator
  3. Laser Safety Goggle

C. Details:

  1. For this event, a group is defined as 3 team members. A team may have up to 3 groups compete in this event.
  2. Teams must bring laser safety goggles. The specifications will be listed on the website at https://competition.creol.ucf.edu at least 1 month prior to the competition date. Those without goggles will be unable to compete in this event.
  3. Teams must not wear open-toed shoes.
  4. Teams can bring a laptop or other device with software for graphing, recording data, and writing up the report. Teams may also bring calculators.
  5. Teams will be presented with a 2-hour laboratory challenge in the area of optics and photonics. They will need to complete the following:
    1. Using equipment provided, will collect data, use formulas to solve calculations, conduct analysis and write a conclusion with supporting data.
    2. Will write a report and submit it for scoring.
    3. The final lab report must have the following information:
      1. Problem presented
      2. Independent and Dependent variable
      3. Constants
      4. Materials
      5. Procedures
      6. Data table
      7. Graphs
      8. Statistical Analysis
      9. Analysis of results
      10. Identification of Experimental Errors
      11. Conclusion

D. Scoring:

  1. The following aspects will be used in the determination of the ranking of teams. Higher Scores are given more favorable rank.  Highest Score Wins.
  2. A rubric will be used to score the lab reports. The rubric will be available at https://competition.creol.ucf.edu
  3. Ties will be broken using designated sections of the lab report.
  4. Teams that engage in unsafe laboratory practices will be asked to leave the competition and will be scored as a “did not show”.
  5. Teams that do not conduct the experiment using equipment (in other words try to conduct a theoretical experiment) will be ranked behind other teams who collect data using the equipment provided.