Objective:  Teams will create a photograph that uses a photographic technique in which a long exposure image is taken of a moving or stationary light source as it draws out an image or illuminates a space. 

Subteam Size Per Entry:  1
Maximum Entries Per Team:  6

A. Details:

  1. The photograph must be an unaltered image, not one that is comprised of multiple exposures or digitally altered (e.g. using Photoshop to edit the image). To ensure compliance with this rule, the team must send one of the following:
    1. RAW file(s) with a PNG file of the same or;
    2. Full format JPEG file(s). These must be as delivered by the camera and provided in a series showing at least three frames before and after the official event picture or;
    3. For smartphones, the image captured with the built-in, stock camera app, emailed from the phone
  2. Teams must provide camera raw image files and a PNG or JPG file of the same image for inspection. The EXIF data will be examined to ensure that the files have not been altered.
  3. The team will send the digital files no later then 7 days prior to the start of the on-site competition. The exact due date is found on the website at https://competition.creol.ucf.edu
  4. Teams will print out the same photo that was sent and will be displayed for voting. The image should be a standard 8” x 10” and mounted in a cardboard or paper frame.  The frame will be displayed for voting.
  5. Teams will write a short paragraph or description of the photo that will be displayed next to the photograph.

B. Scoring:

The following aspects will be used in the determination of the ranking of teams.  Higher Scores are given more favorable rank.  Highest Score Wins.

A team of reviewers will examine the photos using a rubric posted at https://competition.creol.ucf.edu .  Their score will be the total of all rubrics of the review team.  There will be at least three reviewers on the team.

In addition, three numbered tickets will be provided to each person attending on a team and each event official.  They will use the tickets to cast votes for their top three photos.  A person can vote multiple times for the same photo.

Final score = 50(Total Points Awarded from Review Team/Total Points Possible from Review Team)+50(Total Tickets Received from Audience/Total Tickets Passed Out)

Sources:  http://www.mardenkane.com/articles/criteria-for-judging-a-photo-contest.html


For judges only:  http://imageedited.com/