Objective:  Teams will develop a lesson plan and present a poster.  The poster summarizes the development of the “Hack the Camera” event.  The lesson plan provides a detailed activity to be used in K-12 classrooms.

Subteam Size Per Entry:  2
Maximum Entries Per Team:  3

A. Details:

  1. Poster
    1. Teams will present a poster of the design of the camera device.
    2. Poster should be no larger than 36”x54”
    3. Posters should include the following information:
      1. Title: Name of Device
      2. University/school, Team Members
      3. Summary of Device Function
      4. Design and testing summary with data if applicable.
      5. Uses for the device
      6. Possible ways to improve device
      7. Description of lesson plan
      8. References
      9. Acknowledgements
    4. A team of reviewers will evaluate the poster for clarity and presentation.
    5. A rubric for scoring will be posted to https://competition.creol.ucf.edu.
  2. Lesson Plan
    1. Teams will create a lesson plan on how their device will be used in a K-12 (ages 5-18) classroom. The lesson plan can be target to any specific age or grade level.
    2. The lesson plan must include a handout for students (where they would fill in data, answer questions, etc.), a teacher background section, procedures, and answers.
    3. Teams will bring 5 copies of the lesson plans for evaluation by the review team.
    4. A rubric for scoring will be posted to https://competition.creol.ucf.edu.

B. Scoring:

The following aspects will be used in the determination of the ranking of teams.  Higher Scores are given more favorable rank.  Highest Score Wins.

A team of three reviewers will evaluate teams.  The scoring rubric for each of the three reviewers will be added together, for both the poster and the lesson plan, for a total score.