Objective:  Teams will be presented with either an open-ended or close-ended experiment to conduct.  Open ended experiments will include a list of materials that can be used in which teams can develop an experiment to present analysis and a conclusion.  In a close-ended experiment, teams will be provided a set of procedures to be followed or a goal that has to be achieved. 

Subteam Size Per Entry:  6   
Maximum Entries Per Team:  1

A. We will provide:

  1. An Unknown “Ingredient”

B. Teams can provide:

  1. Any additional items the team choses that can or will incorporate the unknown ingredient.
  2. Teams cannot utilize items that involve burning, explosives, radioactive materials, or other items that will be unsafe for the team participants or the audience. Please check with the site director if you have questions about the materials you plan on using.

C. Details:

  1. One week prior to the competition, the teams will receive information about the unknown “ingredient”. The ingredient is an object that must be incorporated into as many demonstrations as possible.
  2. The ingredient could be any object. The object will be used to demonstrate as many optics and photonics related topics as possible.  For example, if the unknown ingredient is a roll of toilet paper, the team could use it to demonstrate transverse waves, chromatography of pigments, polarization of waves using the toilet paper as a picket fence, etc.
  3. Teams will have up to 10 minutes to show as many demonstrations as possible.
  4. Teams will have up to 5 minutes to set up their demonstrations.
  5. The times are dependent on the number of teams at the competition and the time will be announced on the website at https://competition.creol.ucf.edu about 1 month prior to the event.

D. Scoring:

A panel of judges will rank the top three teams and will be based on the following characteristics:

  • Creativity
  • Relationship to optics and photonics concepts
  • Number of demonstrations
  • Presentation abilities (how smoothly and coordinated the demonstrations were conducted)
  • Fun level